The US$1.1M contract comes after the group won two contracts on the project worth a total of US$3.5M. Like before, the latest contract will be undertaken by two subsidiaries of the group – Energy Construction Joint Stock Co and Cavico Mining & Construction – working in joint venture.

Daksrong has a US$20M budget and is being built in Gai Lai Province, about 80km from Pleiku City. The project is being developed by Daksrong Joint Stock Company.

Last month, Cavico said when announcing the first contracts that they were scheduled to last 11 months. The latest contract is to be completed within 12 months, it said.

Cavico is very active in hydro development in Vietnam, principally as a contractor, such as on the Nam Chien 2, Za Hung, Ban Ve, Buon Kuop, Dong Nai 3 and Thai An schemes. The company is also getting involved in development as an investor in the cascade system planned for the Dak My river.

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