In addition to providing significant savings on installation and wiring, the lighting alternative is expected to return significant energy savings during the next 20 years.

The decision to choose solar-powered LED lighting came as a result of a facilities condition assessment. Upon determining that the Lake Underhill Facility’s existing roadway lighting had reached the end of its useful life — including all underground wiring — Lockheed Martin identified a stand-alone solution as a practical and cost-effective lighting alternative to trenching and wiring a new system of conventional hard-wired lights. Based on earlier successes with LED lighting installed elsewhere at the location, facility staff identified a system of solar-powered LED streetlights as the best configuration. Lockheed Martin selected a Carmanah EverGEN 1520 solar-powered street light, featuring a bright, dark-sky friendly BetaLED LEDway street light fixture.

Over the coming weeks, Lockheed Martin will install the new lights along the main entrance roadway and the main loop road serving the Lake Underhill Facility. While delivering a reliable source of bright, uniform light derived from the limitless resources of the sun, the solar LED street lights will help underscore the company’s larger commitment to sustainable business practices through environmentally friendly technology.