The facility will be operated on premises located in Mission, British Columbia, which are owned and operated by 0733403 BC, an affiliate of the Clarke Group (TCG).

PBI plans to develop and sell biomass energy fuel products to industrial buyers in the initial years. The starting product line will focus on production of biomass energy briquettes from residual fiber obtained from TCG’s existing operations, local suppliers and wood waste materials obtained from its current wood waste and recycling permit application.

The briquettes are expected to be utilized by industrial users with combined heat and power (CHP) boiler systems. Production is expected to commence in 2010 at approximately 20,000 tonnes of briquettes annually with an emphasis on expanding operations over time. PBI is in negotiations with several potential buyers in Europe, UK, US and Asia for its proposed briquette product.

Michael Young, CEO of CFS, said: “We are very excited about this new business venture as we believe that there is a huge current and growing demand to find alternative clean energy sources that meet new legislation requirements to reduce emissions from fossil fuels and generation of carbon credits from changing business as usual activities.

“Our proposed briquettes are expected to be a high quality energy product made from a variety of feedstock’s that PBI has access to, such as residual biomass, fibre and wood waste. The briquettes are also expected to be an efficient alternative energy source which can be used in coal fired plants, biomass boilers and CHP facilities to reduce emissions generated from burning fossil fuels, such as coal, natural gas, propane, diesel and other fuel oils.”