The law firm of Emalfarb, Swan & Bain, has entered into an electricity supply agreement with MC Squared Energy Services, a Chicago, Illinois based electricity supplier that provides office building with wind powered renewable energy credits (REC) that originate in the Midwest.

Hal Emalfarb, a partner at Emalfarb, Swan & Bain and the driver of a hybrid Prius that was converted to a plug-in vehicle, said: “Our law firm is dedicated to using innovative technology that will reduce our communities’ carbon footprint and guiding our clients to make a market transformation in their products and services that will create sustainable jobs to help the American Economic Recovery.

“By integrating renewable energy, in this case, the prairie winds of Illinois, to power our office and our cars, we have seamlessly accomplished the goal of a cleaner grid that leads to a reduction of green house gases.”

The department of fleet maintenance in Chicago has installed a Carbon Day Automotive charging station along with a designed solar canopy that uses the sun’s energy.