Capstone Turbine Corporation (Capstone) has shipped its first C1000 megawatt scale system and it will be installed at Angles Textil S.A. (ANTEX). This C1000 system will run on liquid natural gas (LNG). The customers will use the electrical power and usable exhaust heat to produce steam and hot water that will be used in the industrial process. Previously, ANTEX had a cogeneration system that runs on heavy fuel.

This new project will display the new C1000’s advantages such as modularity, reliability, part load efficiency, lower maintenance costs, ease of installation, and smaller footprint versus traditional reciprocating engines.

ANTEX project was developed by DISTEC, under the umbrella of Micropower Europe. Micropower Europe is a network created by Verdesis Suisse SA, of various European companies specializing in the development, marketing, application, sales and servicing expertise in the power generation industry using Capstone MicroTurbines. For the Spanish and Austrian/Swiss markets, the network is represented by the Micropower Europe S.L.

“Shipping our first C1000 system is a major accomplishment enabling Capstone to enter the megawatt scale marketplace,” said Darren Jamison, President and Chief Executive Officer of Capstone Turbine Corporation. “We continue to be very impressed with the early market acceptance of the C200 and the C1000 family of products. As of the end of our second quarter of fiscal year 2009, we had 49 C200’s and 29 C1000’s in backlog totaling 187 equivalent C200 engines,” added Jamison.

Verdesis Suisse SA’s president and chief executive officer, Beat Naef, said, “Since 2004 we have installed Capstone microturbines in more than 50 projects. With Capstone’s new megawatt solution we are able to enter a new business segment, of larger industrial clients with higher energy requirements.”