The three-year agreement will see Capgemini draw on its global expertise of work in the energy and utilities sector to develop a new Nuclear Centre of Excellence (NCoE). This will build on the success of Capgemini’s French NCoE, and become an exemplar for other New Nuclear Build (NNB) projects in the UK.

Working collaboratively with Horizon, Capgemini will use the latest technology to provide leading IT services and produce innovative project solutions. Capgemini’s services are focussed on delivering real business outcomes for Horizon during the development phase of its proposed new Wylfa Newydd power station in North Wales.

As part of this, Capgemini will develop a multi-channel service desk to help enable first class end user experience for all employees; a state of the art security operations centre which will be delivered from its Inverness-based Security Operations Centre; and the creation of a fully scalable cloud platform which will have the ability to scale up based on the business’s future growth aspirations.

All of the digital services set to be delivered by Capgemini will be designed with the aim of future proofing the business and giving the Wylfa Newydd power station with the necessary digital tools and technologies as it moves from development to construction and onto operations.

John Fenwick, Head of IT at Horizon Nuclear Power, said: “Capgemini has a wealth of global experience when it comes to the energy and utilities sector. We were in need of an organisation that could drive innovative solutions; deliver high quality standards of implementation; and provide the security needed for the types and scale of digital operations we will be undertaking, both now, and in the future. These are all things we are confident our collaboration with Capgemini can deliver over the next three years.” 

Rob Pears, Capgemini Energy and Utilities, said: “Nuclear energy holds one of the keys to powering the UK’s future and we are very much looking forward to working with Horizon Nuclear Power to support the country and its journey to energy independence through the development at Wylfa Newydd. By using the very latest in technology and digital innovation, we will be working to help create a world class nuclear energy organisation. ”