Diamond exploration firm Canterra Minerals has started a till sampling program at its South Slave Properties in the Northwest Territories, Canada.

The company owns mineral rights to around 97,220ha in the South Slave Region, which is around 210km northeast of Yellowknife.

The property portfolio is strategically situated between the Snap Lake Diamond Mine and the Gahcho Kué Diamond Project.

Snap Lake Diamond Mine is owned and operated by De Beers Canada, while the Gahcho Kué Diamond is currently under development by De Beers Canada and Mountain Province Diamonds.

Canterra has a proprietary database that includes data of more than 22,850 till samples, 42,000 microprobe analyses and 71,500 line km of airborne and ground geophysics.

The firm has designed the current till sampling program in conjunction with this data and results obtained during the 2014 sampling program.

Samples being collected from the program will allow the firm to further define drill targets.

Canterra has also started ground work at the Hilltop Property for a 70 line-km OhmMapper survey to be conducted in early 2016.

The company was involved in the discovery of two of Canada’s four diamond mines, including the Snap Lake Diamond Mine in the Southern Slave and Ekati Diamond Mine in Lac de Gras.