The survey will cover majority of the property, including current drill targets at Grid 1 and Grid 2, as well as the developing target at Grid 5.

The JV initiated the survey after reviewing data available from a test survey across the Grid 1 area as well as survey data from other properties indicating the ability of the ZTEM system to resolve deep conductive targets better than existing VTEM or MEGATEM surveys.

Peter Dasler, president of CanAlaska Uranium, said: “We have been successful in locating hydrothermally-altered zones within three grids on the West McArthur Property, based on initial MegaTEM and, later, VTEM surveys.

“The aim of the JV partners is to systematically identify other similar targets and build exploration programs around them, but also to sequentially develop a new target zone each year.

Mr Dasler added: “The ZTEM survey will provide us with additional information in this immediate area as well as look for additional similar targets for future exploration planning. Our aim is to systematically drill-test the best exploration targets during a five-year exploration plan in conjunction with our JV partner.”