Canadian Solar and Ra Solar Espana have opened a 2.8MW solar farm project in Albacore, Spain, which is expected to supply enough energy for 1,500 families.

Canadian Solar (CSI) is the sole supplier of the solar modules in this project, which consists of almost 18,000 CS5A solar panels, mounted on a fixed structure and connected to 100kW inverters. Ra Solar Espana is the main party behind the development of this plant in the areas of project management, material procurement, project promotion and financing arrangement.

Linda Goossens, general manager for Ra Solar Espana, said: CSI has been a reliable partner, especially with regards to delivery times and after sales services, which are crucial elements in projects of this size. At the same time, we are very pleased with the high quality of CSI modules.

Shawn Qu, chairman and CEO of Canadian Solar, added: We are very pleased to be able to work together with Ra Solar on this important project. CSI has a strong reputation globally for being able to complete deliveries and installations for projects of large scale on time. The consistency and high performance of our modules have also differentiated CSI from our competitors in Spain.