While reservoir levels at its facilities in Alberta were above normal for the time of year it could not make a call on the outlook for generation as water resource use is partly determined by the provincial authority’s needs for irrigation.

For Ontario, the company foresees average output based on normal precipitation forecasts over the coming months. However, it added that it was too early to determine the annual outlook compared to last time.

In the second quarter to 30 June, Canadian Hydro output from its hydro power assets was steady in Q2 at approximately 142GWh compared to last time. Though, over the first half year the output was up 4% to more than 196GWh. In revenue terms, hydro sales for H1 were approximately level with last time.

The majority of the company’s generation was sold under long-term sales contracts, though slightly less proportionately than in Q2 and H1 last year.

In the quarter, Canadian Hydro signed a supply deal with Ontario Power Authority for its 3.2MW Misema plant with prices in the Can$110/MWh-Can$145/MWh range.

The company also received permits and approvals needed to proceed with building the new plants at Bone Creek and Clemina Creek. Construction is due to start shortly.

Submissions are being processed for two other hydro projects – Serpentine and English.

In addition, Canadian Hydro is completing supplemental information requests for the proposed 100MW Dunvegan hydro scheme on Peace river in Alberta. It hopes to achieve regulatory approval early 2008.