NEB has approved Westcoast’s proposal to construct and operate 27km long Wyndwood pipeline expansion project.

The approval was based on 32 conditions, including the requirement to develop landowner-specific monitoring plan and consultation update.

The project, which is a loop of Westcoast’s existing Fort St. John Mainline, will be situated southwest of Chetwynd, British Columbia.

It will start from southwest of Chetwynd, near Stone Creek and extend west around 27 km along the Pine River Valley to Compressor Station 2 at Willow Flats.

Modifications are expected for Compressor Station 2 to accommodate an increased gas flow of around 50 million cubic feet per day, in addition to the new pipeline segment.

NEB is an independent federal regulator, which modulates pipelines, energy development and trade in the public interest

In October 2016, Westcoast submitted its application for the project under section 58 of the National Energy Board Act.

The conditions also included multiple conditions related to minimizing disturbances within caribou ranges and enhancing the restoration of caribou habitat.

In February this year, Enbridge and Spectra Energy have closed their merger deal, creating an energy infrastructure firm with an enterprise value of around $126bn.

Spectra Energy Partners is involved in delivering natural gas, liquids, and crude oil infrastructure to premium markets.