“Fuel efficiency in all sectors is important to our economy and the environment,” said Brad Trost, M.P. for Saskatoon–Humboldt, on behalf of the Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Natural Resources. “By investing in fuel efficiency we will help the industry reduce fuel costs and contribute to a cleaner Canada.”

Though trucking represents the fastest growing source of energy demand in Canada, a range of fuel-saving technologies are currently available on the market. For example, aerodynamic devices installed on trucks can reduce fuel costs from 2 to 7%, and low rolling-resistance tires can help further reduce costs up to 4%.

Given the large volume of heavy-duty vehicle movement between Canada and the US, both countries are collaborating to exchange new ideas to promote fuel-efficient practices in commercial fleets. The Government of Canada’s ecoENERGY for Fleets program provides information, training and workshops to bus and truck drivers in Canada to improve the energy efficiency of commercial and institutional fleet vehicles.

The ecoENERGY for Fleets program is part of the Government’s ecoENERGY initiative, a $3.9-billion investment in measures to help Canadians use energy more efficiently, boost renewable energy supplies and develop cleaner energy technologies.