The new fluorescence technology is claimed to detect even tiny drops of oil in or on the surface of water and warn about the same to prevent leakages and avoid major disasters.

Cambridge Consultants’s new technology built on an oil spill detection technology platform is expected to reduce cost when compared to hiring radar and scanner equipped aircrafts to detect oil leaks.

Also, fluorescence technology to be more accurate and faster than the inconsistent unsophisticated visual reports which may sometimes be not able to detect oil leaks until a slick appears on the water surface.

Cambridge Consultants Oil and Gas associate director Dr Frances Metcalfe said in order develop an effective technology the detection system must not only identify leakage early on but also not raise false alarms.

"Our work so far shows that any reliable oil spill detection system will need to use more than one sensing method, and the best combination will depend largely on where and how it is going to be used," Metcalfe said.