A call for papers has been issued for the 13th International Seminar on Hydro Power Plants, to be held from 24-26 November 2004 in Vienna, Austria.

Abstracts of up to two pages are invited on the following topics:

• Refurbishment and modernisation.

• New design and development – research areas.

• Electrical systems – instrumentation, control, diagnostics, protection.

• Cost structure and financing.

• Environmental issues.

• The future of hydro.

• Project case studies.

Deadline for abstracts is 29 February 2004. For further details, please contact Dr Eduard Doujak, Institute for Waterpower and Pumps, Vienna University of Technology, Tel: +43 1 58801 30515, Fax: +43 1 58801 30599, Email: edoujak@pop.tuwien.ac.at.