The first contract, which has a 15-year term, was approved on September 10, 2009. As outlined by the CPUC, EnerNOC will provide up to 25MW of dispatchable load reduction during the 2010 capacity delivery season, which will increase to 35MW during the 2011 capacity delivery season and finally to 40MW starting with the 2012 capacity delivery season until the end of the contract term.

Tim Healy, chairman and CEO of EnerNOC, said: “We’re seeing a trend toward utilities signing longer-term demand-side contracts in recognition of the fact that these resources are becoming increasingly integral to overall portfolio planning.

“Utilities recognize that meeting the expected increase in demand for electricity through demand response makes tremendous sense: it’s a viable long-term resource that is cost-effective and good for consumers and the environment.”

Under the terms of the second contract, which was approved on October 15, 2009, EnerNOC will provide up to 25MW of dispatchable power by aggregating and coordinating the generation from a number of relatively small diesel back-up generators.

EnerNOC currently operates an existing 25MW clean generation network in the region. To create a generation network, EnerNOC installs communication gateways and particulate matter filters on existing backup generators located at commercial, institutional, and industrial customer sites. The PM filters are designed to absorb 85% or more of specified diesel emissions, reducing each generator’s carbon emissions, among other pollutants.

EnerNOC is a developer and provider of clean energy solutions to commercial, institutional, and industrial customers, as well as electric power grid operators and utilities.