US based Calico Energy Services and Digi International have partnered to market the newly developed integrated smart grid technology solution for energy and demand management.

The solution is built upon the Digi X-Grid platform, which provides device connectivity infrastructure, and Calico Energy’s EIS platform, which provides a complete utility energy management solution coupled with residential and commercial load control.

The Digi X-Grid solution enables real-time, IP-based monitoring and control of home energy devices beyond the electric meter.

The solution provides easy, real-time access to energy usage information, real-time control of energy consuming devices and real-time management of energy producing capabilities.

The company said that its Digi X-Grid solution includes Smart Energy gateways like XBee ZigBee modules and iDigi platform to make it easy to connect directly to home energy devices.

Calico Energy is a provider of smart grid data management solutions and services for utilities and power providers.