With an estimated cost to customer value of between $25 and $30m and representing an extension of an existing supply agreement for a first-generation advanced FLUEPAC product, the contract follows a rigorous and full-scale performance testing program against other competitors’ products.

The product is scheduled to be used by the electricity generator for removal of mercury from the flue gas of two coal-fired electric generating plants.

Fluepac STF is claimed to have consistently addressed rigorous treatment objectives while using 50% to 70% less carbon than competing products during 20 full-scale tests, providing the best overall value solution to the customer.

Calgon Carbon vice president Bill Zinsser said the contract represents a testament to the level of confidence placed by the electric utility and generation customers in the quality and reliability of company’s advanced FLUEPAC products.

”It also affirms our decision to invest in the development of advanced products that deliver more value,” Zinsser added.

Scheduled to run until December 2015, the contract also features an option in the distributor’s order for extension until 2017.