CalAmp Corp. (CalAmp) has provided its WiMetry platform to Consert, Inc. (Consert) to offer wireless connectivity in a pilot program that represents smart grid energy management solutions. The smart grid allows real-time monitoring of the energy use via Internet technology, decreasing electricity use, enabling utilities to more efficiently distribute electricity and encouraging homeowners to deploy alternative energy generators like solar panels.

Consert is a voting member of Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery and Management (FREEDM) Industry advisory board. FREEDM has an aim of demonstrating 1 to 10 megawatts of renewable energy generation and the distribution within two years. Consert is working on intelligent energy management solution in collaboration with FREEDM.

The company’s has recently launched WiMetry Internet Protocol-based communications platform offers reliable and secure wireless data connectivity for the real-time acquisition of critical usage and rate data from electric, gas or water meters. It also allows wireless communication to in-home displays, smart thermostats and the smart plugs that can remotely measure and control electric appliances for the demand response and peak demand reduction.

The Obama administration recently laid out plans for an economic stimulus package that includes an Internet-based smart grid, which would save money, protect power sources from blackout or attack, and deliver clean, alternative forms of energy across the nation, said Matthias van Doorn, director of product marketing for CalAmp. Consert’s solution, which uses the CalAmp WiMetry wireless communication platform, is a key enabler for the desired functionality of the smart grid.

Consert is a leader in the design and implementation of intelligent energy distribution and management networks, dedicated to a secure and clean energy future, said Joseph W. Forbes, Jr., chief operating officer of Consert. The advanced communication technology offered by CalAmp’s WiMetry device, in combination with our software and services, makes this possible. Our solution not only provides savings of up to 15% to families and small businesses, but actually allows distributing utilities to reduce demand peaks. CalAmp’s more than 20 years of experience with wireless data networks, support of wireless technologies and standards and scalable volume production capabilities were key factors in our selection of the WiMetry platform.

The company is exhibiting the WiMetry platform in booth #1922 at DistribuTECH 2009 conference in San Diego, California through February 5, 2009.