BYD has showcased new home- and grid-tied "Energy + Solar = Zero Emissions" Vision and Products at the 2016 Solar Power International held in Las Vegas.

The company’s comprehensive renewable power proposition was first launched at the 2016 Intersolar Europe in Munich this June.

Visitors to SPI saw two types of BYD solar modules: the Multiple Busbar (MBB) and 4 Busbar modules with 60 or 72 cells; and several Energy Storage solutions including 40-ft container ESS, miniHome ESS and the BYD B-BOX system. BYD currently has more than 60% market share for frequency regulation energy storage in the US.

Micheal Austin, Vice President of BYD, who attended the conference, said: “We’re proud to be able to showcase these amazing new affordable solar systems and energy storage products here at SPI this year.

“Everyone has known for years that solar is the future. What we’re trying to do here is prove that with these energy storage solutions, it can also be the present.”

BYD’s “Energy + Solar = Zero Emissions" solutions aim to break through the traditional bottleneck of photovoltaic power generation, so that PV projects meet more diverse market needs and allow for new growth potential in the renewable energy industry.

The global PV industry has been developing rapidly in recent years, but there are a number of remaining challenges in production capacity and reliability, as well as in market trends and public policies.

In terms of power production, BYD’s Solutions are designed such that the energy generated through PV goes first into energy storage equipment, in order to resolve instabilities in energy flow and improve distribution. This represents a breakthrough for power plant owners to be able to provide more diverse services to a wider variety of customers.