Taiwan MiaoLi Motor Transport president Huang Yunxi said, "We are very glad to be BYD’s first customer in the Taiwan market. We chose these long-range transit buses to combat rising fuel costs as well as to protect our environment. They will surely be a success on the streets and on our balance sheets."

The standard 12 meter (40′) transit vehicles are currently the only long-range battery electric transit solution available worldwide.

BYD Asia Pacific general manager Liu Xueliang said, "BYD’s eBus will provide a new environmentally-friendly, green option for people in Taiwan when they ride the shuttles in the city. What we do today plays a great role in environmental protection because replacing one Diesel or CNG bus is equivalent to avoid the CO2 of 33 private cars on the road."

"This historic first delivery to Taiwan symbolizes a unified goal for a cleaner tomorrow on both sides of The Taiwan Strait is hopefully the first of many to come."

BYD’s pure-electric bus employs many advanced technologies developed in-house by BYD’s expansive staff of more than 15,000 engineers, such as the advanced environmentally-friendly, Iron-Phosphate (or "Fe") batteries, in-wheel hub motors and regenerative braking systems.

The break-through Iron-Phosphate battery is fire-safe and non-toxic: there are no caustic materials contained in the battery, no toxic electrolytes or heavy metals and can be completely recycled.

The BYD electric bus delivers a host of operational and environmental benefits for public transport riders, operators and people in the community – it is very quiet and ensures a comfortable ride without vibrations, jerks or noise associated with the conventional buses and combustion engines. The bus can also drive for more than 250 km (155 miles) even in heavy city traffic on a single charge.

The bus has completed more than 25.2 million kilometers (or nearly 16 M miles) of "in revenue service" and has been evaluated in many major cities all over the world.