Burundi needs an investment of $500-million to tide over the power shortage in the country. The country has decided to start rationing power to homes and businesses in Bujumbura for an indefinite period on account of poor management of its main hydroelectric dam during the dry season. As per a government official, the Chinese government had decided to build a 10.5 megawatt (MW) hydroelectric dam, in 2009, at an estimated cost of $41-million.

If we get that money, we will be able to build a hydroelectric damn that can produce 100 MW, Water and Energy Minister Samuel Ndayiragije, said. With such capacity, the problem of energy shortages would be sorted out.

Burundi has production capacity of 32.5 MW, of which the main hydroelectric dam produces 8 MW. Only 3% of 8-million people in Burundi have access to electricity.

As per officials, Burundi imports 15 MW from Democratic Republic of Congo and is looking at increase it.