Burma’s Ministry of Electric Power has signed a contract with the China National Heavy Machinery Corporation (CHMC) for the transmission equipment bound for the 790MW Yeywa hydro project, being undertaken on Myitnge River, 50km southeast of Mandalay, the BBC reports.

The contract between the Hydroelectric Power Department under the Ministry of Electric Power is worth close to US$46M and will see 230kVA cables and equipment for the substations acquired.

Yeywa will supply power to the Meiktila Sub-Power Station through the 110km long Yeywa-Meiktila 230kV double power line link and to the Bellin Ssubstation through another 50km long 230kV double power line link.

The Bellin and the Meiktila Sub-Power Stations will be linked to each other with 100km long 23kV double power lines.

The project is the largest of 10 planned by the Power Ministry.