Bullfrog Power Inc. (Bullfrog) has signed an agreement with Magnum Wind Energy Corporation (Magnum) to purchase all of the power generated from the Magnum's newly completed wind turbine near Zurich, Ontario. This is to meet Bullfrog's growing base of residential and commercial green power customers. Bullfrog’s financial commitment provides the security and enhanced revenue necessary for this turbine development to be completed.

“We’re thrilled to announce this new partnership,” Bullfrog President Tom Heintzman, said. “The ongoing commitment and growth of Bullfrog’s customer base is enabling us to add more wind power to the electricity grid on their behalf, and that’s what Bullfrog Power is all about. Together, we’re helping Ontario become a leader in renewable power and improving the health of the environment for future generations.”

“The price premium offered by Bullfrog Power is an incentive to wind energy developers,” Magnum President Charles Edey, said. “Bullfrog Power customers provide a green premium that spurs the amount of new renewable electricity being generated in the province.”

Magnum’s wind project represents the fifth new renewable generation project to be developed in Canada to meet the growing demand of Bullfrog’s residential and commercial green power customers.