<p>Public Power Corporation (PCC) was the preferred bidder in the Bobov Dol tender, which according to Bulgarian online publication News.bg, was valued at E105.2 million ($142.7 million). <br /><br />Nevertheless, PPC did reveal that it has been invited to hold discussions with Bulgaria&#0039;s minister of environment, which the utility said have been scheduled for May 21, 2007, through diplomatic channels. According to AFX News, during the talks, PPC hopes to restart the negotiations so that it can complete the acquisition.<br /><br />According to News.bg, the sale, which was intended to be completed in March 2006, has seen numerous setbacks and finally fell through as PPC and the privatization authority could not resolve their key environmental and coal-purchasing disagreements.<br /><br />The journal reported that the privatization authority has vowed to hold back the finalization of the sale until PPC confirms that it would use local coal in the plant. The Bulgarian publication added that PPC was considering abandoning the use of Bulgarian coal as it feared that it would make it impossible to reach emissions targets. <br /><br />PPC has said that it has not yet received the privatization authority&#0039;s official decision, but added that the company will study the document as soon as it becomes available.</p>