Brillio will help the agency to implement smart grid operations center, customer sentiment analysis, distribution automation designed for greater predictability and demand management, proactively identify and prevent outages, enhance response time, and drive an efficient data driven approach to operations.

The program is also expected to offer improved services and products to enable consumers to actively manage their energy consumption, utility bills and carbon footprint.

Brillio CEO Raj Mamodia said: "Brillio is excited to be leading this pilot program for LADWP. We understand the importance of the program in building a grid that is resilient, adaptable and high performing to meet the future needs of Los Angeles County residents.

"We will draw on expertise with data management and digital technologies combined with our expertise in utilities industry to help LADWP achieve its goals."

One of the LADWP’s initiatives to create an intelligent, digital power supply and management network, the smart grid pilot program is intended to provide better insights into energy consumption patterns to streamline demand.

In addition to optimizing energy efficiencies for LADWP, the program will enhance grid reliability.

LADWP, which serves 4.1 million residents and businesses in a territory, manages 3,655 miles of transmission lines, 8,789 miles of overhead distribution lines, 7,238 miles of water pipe, 114 water tanks and reservoirs, and 59,605 fire hydrants.

In August, electricity utility Arizona Public Service (APS) awarded a contract to Brillio for a key enterprise collaboration modernization project.