Bridgewater Dairy in Williams County, Ohio has fired up two generators at its new anaerobic biodigester facility and began flowing green power to Buckeye Power and Ohio's rural electric cooperatives.

Buckeye Power has signed a contract with Bridgewater Dairy to purchase all of the electricity and use it to provide green energy to the state’s 24 electric cooperatives.

The facility’s output is determined by the amount of methane gas produced by the anaerobic digestion process. Generation has started at the 400kV level but should steadily increase, said Buckeye Power. Normal operation will produce enough electricity to supply an estimated 400 homes.

Pat O’Loughlin, COO of Buckeye Power, said: The fact that our green power is generated right here in Ohio is significant for several reasons. This represents a partnership between the state’s electric cooperatives and the agricultural community to provide additional generation capacity to improve the environment, and reduce our dependence on purchased fossil fuels.