The rig will operate utilizing two drilling crews on 12-hour shifts. Samples will be collected, continuously analyzed for hydrocarbon content and stored.

Chris Faulkner, CEO of Breitling, said: “We are excited to commence drilling of the Breitling-star #1 prospect using our proprietary Geo3D technology. After 18 months of hard work assembling data, shooting 3D and analyzing pay zones, we are ready to drill to target depth and complete another successful well.”

The company is drilling the Breitling-Star #1 using its proprietary technology, Breitling Geo3D. Geo3D represents an advance in filtering techniques for seismic data that can detect small vertical movements along fracture planes.

Breitling said that this technology allows its to see where hydrothermal solutions have leached and dolomitized and have created enhanced porosity and permeability.

Further, the technology allows the company to detect what overlooked chimney features that are apparent on 3D seismic but un-detected by normal interpretation.