The initial well is being drilled to a depth of approximately 3700ft and is expected to achieve total depth by July 15, 2010.

The company said that the Trinity #1 prospect is a relatively low-cost opportunity to test multiple oil sands that have highly prolific in surrounding fields. A single 3,700′ well will test the primary objectives: the Wilcox at 3,650′ and the Lower Gilcrease at 2,725′.

Strong secondary objectives are the Hunton at 3,720′, the Cromwell at 2,900′, Union Valley at 2,800′, the Upper Gilcrease at 2,500′ the Booch at 2,300′, the Bartlesville at 1,900′ and the Croweberg at 1,100′.

Potential reserves for the Trinity #1 are estimated at 1,500,000BO and 400,000MCFG. A successful well on the Trinity #1 undrilled structural features could easily lead to the drilling of 4 to 6 additional oil wells on the acreage block, the company added.