As per the deal, Headwaters expects to provide technology and Breen will be responsible for developing the processes for implementing the technology in power plants.

The technology is used at coal-fueled power plants to correct problems that can arise during the operation of emissions control equipment.

Coal-fueled power plants use selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR) technologies to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides.

During operation of SCRs and SNCRs, unreacted ammonia reagent can cause fouling of air heaters and other downstream components of power plant units and results in excess amount of ammonia that deposits on coal ash left over after combustion.

This condition, known as ammonia slip, creates maintenance and operational issues for power plants including complications for handling the coal ash for disposal and beneficial use.

The gas-phase ammonia slip mitigation technology is designed to eliminate ammonia slip through the injection of oxidizers enhancing the performance of SCR and SNCR systems.