In April 2013, BRE setup the centre with an aim to develop the photovoltaics sector market through knowledge generation.

The new office plans to create its first solar test site on an area of brownfield land on the perimeter of the building.

National Solar Centre director Barry Marsh said that this exciting opportunity ends months of negotiation on various sites and will enable BRE to start development plans for its PV performance testing site.

"Both Eden and BRE have exemplary green credentials and will be working together to provide research, consultancy and training on photovoltaics," Marsh added.

The move is due to take place in early 2014.

Eden development director Dan James said that in a short period of time the centre has become an important research base of the national solar industry and Eden looks forward to working in collaboration long into the future.

"There has always been an ambition from Eden to establish a cluster of environmental activity aimed at creating new businesses, delivering training provision and demonstrating new environmental technologies," James added.