Brascan Power New York has received two Hydro Achievement Awards from the National Hydropower Association (NHA). The Trenton Falls scenic trail was honoured for recreational stewardship and Higley hydroelectric redevelopment project for technological solutions.

The 1.6km long Trenton Falls scenic trail had attracted more than 4000 visitors to its waterfalls and hydroelectric facility in October 2004, and was commended in the criteria for communicating and promoting the benefits of hydro power to an outside audience. The Higley hydroelectric redevelopment project was celebrated for demonstrating significant technical contribution to the hydro power industry after the plant, originally built in 1911 and in need of a major rehabilitation, was upgraded to a generating capacity of 6.1MW from the original output of 5MW. Both are in upstate New York.

The NHA established the Hydro Achievement Awards in 1994 to recognise resourcefulness and creativity in meeting challenges associated with hydroelectric development and operation, the championing of hydro power as an energy source and exemplary stewardship of the nation’s rivers. The awards were presented at the NHA’s annual conference.