BPLG and JFP Holdings will work together to enable a greener environment by applying smart grid and building energy management platforms to smart cities across China based on BPLG’s Power SG technology to improve China’s electric grid efficiency.

Keith Schaefer, CEO of BPLG, said: “In serving the China market for almost 10 years, BPLG has demonstrated long term commitment in becoming the leading vendor in our category to electric utilities in China. The China market expertise at JFP Holdings will accelerate our growth in China, one of the largest and most important smart grid markets worldwide.”

Since 2001, BPLG technology has been supporting China’s electric utilities including State Grid Corporation and China Southern Power Grid. The partnership with JFP Holdings is expected to enable BPLG to triple its staff in China, supporting BPLG’s full portfolio of smart grid and building energy management platforms, BPLG said.

Jack Perkowski, chairman of JFP Holdings, said: “BPLG had foresight into the massive potential of the China market long before other smart grid technology companies. We are here to help visionary global companies like BPLG maximize their potential in China and bring the benefits of energy efficiency and reliability to the country.”