The project has been delayed due to the uncertainty with regard to construction of utilities by BHEL for the captive power plant (CPP), comprising of a boiler, STG unit, along with a solid material handling system (SMHS). These have not been completed yet.

BPCL’s worries have been further compounded by torrential rains in certain regions of Rajasthan, which have postponed the delivery of the reactors needed for the hydro-cracker unit (HCU) and diesel hydro-treatment (DHDT) unit. The reactors are currently being shipped thrpugh road from the Kandla port to Bina. As of July 2009, only one, out of a total of six reactors, has reached the refinery location. BPCL will need at least five months to mechanically complete the HCU unit, after the reactors have been delivered.

According to EIL’s project monitoring report for the month of July 2009, the project has achieved a progress of 95.4%, as against a target of 97.9%. Further, 88.6% of the construction work was completed as of July 2009, less than the planned target of 95%.