“This idea is feasible,” said the head of BP Migas, Tubagus Haryono, in Jakarta, on April 13, 2009.

CNG will be selected if the distance between Gorontalo and the gas source is less than 250 kilometers.

BP Migas for this project will work together with its executing body as well as the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources, and contractors.

The price will be decided by the business-to-business mechanism.

“The price will be cheaper for household market,” he said.

Tubagus went on to say that the funding for this project may come from the state budget.

It is forecasted that $21-40 will be needed for every inch of gas pipe.

The project will be canceled if and when it is found to be not feasible.

If it is constructed, Gorontalo will be the 20th city with a gas facility.