The well, which is located about 16km north west of the Sapele-1 well, is drilling in water depths of about 30m.

The company said on 14 October that the well had encountered oil and gas condensate in the Deep Omicron and D-1r equivalent intervals, respectively, and that drilling within the Deep Omicron interval was to continue.

BowLeven has carried out a further MDT sampling and sidewall core programme, and casing has now been set and a liner run pending further drilling.

The current plan, subject to final government approval, is to drill on through the Deep Omicron interval into the Epsilon Complex.

The Epsilon Complex was previously drilled with the Sapele-1 exploration well where the presence of both gas condensate and oil were confirmed and represents a highly prospective interval that BowLeven believes warrants further investigation, the company said.