·     Sampling at the newly discovered Ontevreden kimberlite finds abundant G10,  G9 and eclogitic garnets typically seen in high-grade kimberlite pipes; and

·     Drilling to follow later in the year.


Having discovered a kimberlite pipe at Ontevreden, the next step was to ascertain if it was diamondiferous. 

Samples from the pipe were analysed at the University of Johannesburg and produced abundant G10 and G9 garnets with a complimentary suite of eclogitic garnets.  This mix of garnets is typically seen in a high-grade kimberlite pipes.  This work follows detailed ground geophysics which identified a minimum size of 100mx70m and whole rock geochemistry which characterised Ontevreden as a Group 2 kimberlite.  The next step is to drill the kimberlite and this is planned for later in the year.

The Ontevreden kimberlite pipe is close to Petra Diamonds' Helam Mine, which has grades in excess of 500cpht and a diamond value of US$255/ct at a +1mm bottom cut off.

John Teeling, Chairman, commented, "The exciting new kimberlite discovery at Ontevreden continues to entice.  Samples from the surface contain significant quantities of G10 and G9 garnets – high quality diamond indicator minerals frequently found at high-grade kimberlite pipes."