As per the terms of the agreement, Botswana can acquire stake in 13 license Brightstone block covering an area of 6,518km2 by making an investment of $940,000 over three years. For the current year, the company is mandated to invest $140,000.

The Gope region is claimed to be highly potential region.

Botswana Diamonds chairman John Teeling said that the current period is a very good time to be in diamond industry and more specifically in Botswana diamond industry.

"The emerging success of the new Karowe Mine, first discovered by the Botswana Diamond founders, is increasing interest in the country," added Teeling.

"The KX36 discovery in the Gope area and the development of the Ghagoo mine is further focusing attention on the Gope region within Botswana."

Siseko Minerals executive director Thabang Mvambi stated: "We are delighted to have reached an agreement with Botswana Diamonds, and we are confident that our exploration efforts will yield positive results."