EPBiH, a power utility in Bosnia, has restarted two 200MW units at its Tuzla coal-fired power plant in northern part of the country over the weekend, following an unplanned outage which had shut them down on July 26.

A company spokesman told Reuters, "The two units are reconnected to the power grid and are operating normally."

The reason for the outages and shut down of the units has not been disclosed by the company.

The company was able to meet its earlier expected date of restarting the two units by making the units online on Friday, reports the news agency.

EPBiH runs three hydro power plants and two coal-fired plants with a combined capacity of 517MW and 1,165MW, respectively.

The company’s hydro power output was lowered to 3,280GWh in the first half of 2012 due to prolonged drought.