The new module that comprises of new generation of cells with a black half-cell design is estimated to have production capacity of about 285 watts. It features burned-in anti-reflection coating on the micro-structured, toughened front glass, providing it with extended light absorption capacity.

c-Si M 60+ S module consists of 120 half monocrystalline high-performance solar cells each of size 156x78mm. The modules are tested at the company’s Arnstadt plant.

Further, the module features an innovative frame to ease the installation and maintenance. It also enables module to withstand pressure loads of up to 7200 Pa.

Bosch, meanwhile, is planning to commence series production of a half-cell module with white and silver components from 2013 summer.

The company claims that the white rear enclosure is more reflective than the black giving the module increase capacity of 290Wp.