Bosch Automotive Service Solutions has secured a distribution and installation agreement with Evatran for the supply of Plugless Level 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging System in the US.

As per the agreed terms, Bosch will provide the complete installation solution for the Plugless L2 System, and a Bosch-certified electrician will install the home infrastructure portion of the system, and Bosch Car Service centers will install the on-vehicle components.

According to the company, the Plugless Level 2 EV Charging System is the first commercially available wireless system.

The Plugless Level 2 EV Charging System features, vehicle adapter – installed on the undercarriage of the user’s EV; control panel – A wall-mounted enclosure that provides alignment guidance and diagnostic information, in addition to traditional charging station functions; and parking pad – a floor-mounted wireless charging transmitter.

Commenting on the deal, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions president Tanvir Arfi said the company will offer 240V charging solution, following the launch of $449 Power Max and financing options.

"The addition of the Plugless L2 System to our portfolio helps us provide our customers the most dynamic and innovative range of charging solutions available," added Arfi.