According to the company, work on the 14.5km extension of the natural gas network to Cashel commenced in May 2008. The feeder main connects the town to the Cork-Dublin transmission pipeline and Ireland’s 12,375km natural gas network.

There will be an additional 7.4km of distribution mains within the town with work to connect other customers, both commercial and residential, continuing.

John Mullins, CEO of Bord Gais, said: “This is an important project for the town of Cashel, with the availability of natural gas and its benefits to the area. The economic and environmental benefits from the extension of the gas network will be substantial for all customers in Cashel.

“This project has been delivered with the support from local authorities, businesses and residents throughout the construction program.”
Established in 1976, Bord Gais is a commercial State body operating in the energy industry. With over 600,000 gas customers and a turnover in 2007 of €1,215 million, Bord Gáis is wholly owned by the Government of Ireland, claims the company.