Bookham, Inc. (Bookham), a US based provider of high power optical components, has introduced a new small form factor, 600mW Mini-DIL pump laser module. The new module is capable of delivering more than 600mW of power and is the most powerful wavelength locked single mode Mini-DIL pump laser. The new module offers all performance and functionality of 14-Pin Butterfly pump in a package which is 80% smaller while also boasting a 10% reduction in the power consumption.

This breakthrough offering allows amplifier designers to decrease the size of low noise Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFAs), Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) amplifiers, amplifier modules and CaTV amplifiers. The new 600mW Mini-DIL module will also be a major component for the telecom equipment vendors seeking to lower overall system energy consumption and decrease running costs in the face of rising utility prices and increased environmental pressures.

We are confident that this breakthrough technology will further increase our technological and commercial leadership in the pump laser market, stated director of product management, Mark Ives. Similar pump modules that compete with this product are in 14-Pin Butterfly packages that are five times the size of this new high power module; that factor alone makes this a very significant product, both for Bookham and for the amplifier market.

This major size reduction allows telecom equipment vendors to save real estate within amplifiers and linecards, and to reduce the size and running costs of the facilities that house them. The potential energy and cost savings enabled by this development will be hugely disruptive.

The new module has a broad operating temperature of -20 to +75 degrees, is Telcordia and restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) compliant, and uses the same scalable and base alignment technology as other Bookham telecom pump lasers, incorporating the 750mW Ultra high power single mode pump laser module, and the OceanBright submarine pump laser module. The new 600mW Mini-DIL pump laser module includes the Bookham G08 chip, which has now attained a combined total of over 300 million field hours.

The new 600mW Mini-DIL pump module is available for the customer samples immediately, and will reach full qualification by the end of first quarter of 2009.