Empresa Misicuni invites consulting companies to present their bids for the technical supervision of construction works at Misicuni multi-purpose project.

Misicuni multi-purpose project is located in Cochabamba, Bolivia, South America. Its main purpose is water provision for human consumption, irrigation and generation of electric power in the central and low valleys of Cochabamba.

The works of supervision include:

* Concrete face rockfill dam with a height of 120m.

* Diversion tunnel.

* Water intake.

Interested fims may purchase the bid documents from 30 November 2006 at: Empresa Misicuni Office, Calle Ismael Vasquez No. 664, Cochabamba, Bolivia. Tel: +591 4 4533215. Fax: +591 4 4533218. PO Box 5639. Email: proyecto@misicuni.net.

Deadline for presentation of bids is 6 February 2007 at 16.00 local time.

For further information visit: www.misicuni.net, www.sicoes.gov.bo.