Simon Wittridge, directorate head of projects at Sellafield, explained: “We have a successful, long standing relationship with Babcock and its predecessor companies. With this contract, we aim to work in partnership to deliver both SL and the NDA’s mission of accelerated site remediation at reduced cost.”

The idea contracts is that tasks are grouped into larger segments, allowing economies of scale and developed efficiencies to be realized. This approach also provides better visibility of the workload, enabling work to be planned more effectively, whilst the specialized teams act as a natural knowledge and skill hub. Sellafield has reported mission of achieving six years’ work for five year’s cost. Naturally, both Sellafield and their suppliers’ costs can be optimized through the use of such frameworks.

Tony Moore, managing director of BNS Nuclear, commented: “This contract award is a testament to our people, our skills and to the successful delivery of engineering services and systems to SL over many years. Following the acknowledged success of projects like the SIXEP capacity optimisation, we form part of a trusted group of Sellafield contractors.”