Blue Castle Holdings (BCH), the developer of a proposed new nuclear power plant project in Green River, Utah, has acquired 100% of Willow Creek Companies (WCC).

Willow Creek Companies Inc will now operate as Willow Creek LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Castle Holdings.

This acquisition will provide the early stage civil construction services for the nuclear site project infrastructure development.

Also, BCH has decided to expand Willow Creek’s energy infrastructure services for including the construction of transmission and substation facilities, needed for the new nuclear project.

This acquisition will provide a broader economic and business infrastructure base for the proposed Blue Castle nuclear project.

The nuclear site licensing capital requirements are approximately $100m over the next five years.

The Blue Castle project is on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) list of expected new nuclear power plant licensing applications.

Four Early Site Permits for new nuclear power plants have been issued in the US between 2007 and 2009, and 15 applications for combined construction and operating licenses (COLs) are under active review by the NRC.

The first COL license is slated to be granted in December, 2012.