The joint DEIS/FSA is now open to public comment through February 11, 2010. BLM and CEC will hold at least one joint public hearing/meeting on the project. The exact date, time and location for the public meetings will be will be published on CEC and BLM web sites, and advertised in local media.

Bright Source has applied for four right-of-way authorizations to construct solar power plants on about 4,000 acres of public land in California about 4.5 miles southwest of Primm, Nevada. The project will be constructed in three phases over a three year-period.

The plant would involve the construction of seven 459 foot tall towers. The planned 214,000 heliostats consisting of two flat mirrors would be constructed in concentric circles around each tower to reflect the sun’s rays on a central receiver. The tower would heat water and run steam through a turbine to generate electricity. The electricity would be transmitted via tie lines to a new substation and into the transmission lines running through the proposed project.

BLM and CEC have jointly prepared the Draft EIS/FSA.

A notice of availability in the federal register will be published shortly and will initiate the 90-day comment period. BLM and the CEC will use public comments received to prepare a Final EIS in the spring of 2010, with a decision expected later in the year.