A total of 56 of the transition pieces will be manufactured at Offshore Structures Britain’s (OSB’s) facility at Haverton Hill near Billingham in Teesside.

The remaining 40 will be built at Bladt's facilities in Aalborg, Denmark.

Bladt also has a contract to deliver three offshore substations for the project.

The Hornsea Project One, which is claimed to be the largest wind farm in the world, will generate enough electricity to power over 1 million UK households.

Bladt Industries CEO Jan Kjærsgaard said: “Since the decision to invest in OSB in 2015, we have undertaken a full upgrade of the facility and have employed close to 200 employees.

“This order will follow our two first orders for Burbo Bank Extension and Walney Extension and will secure our capacity utilization for approximately one full year.”

Hornsea Project One programme director Duncan Clark said: "As well as making a significant contribution towards decarbonising the UK power system, Hornsea Project One is a huge infrastructure project which is providing a real boost to regional UK firms."

Clark added: "We're delighted to be working with OSB once more and proud to play a part in bringing life into factories like this. It's great to see the figures increasing – this order is three and a half times the size of our initial order with OSB in 2015.

“The suppliers we've worked with on Hornsea Project One are building their capabilities to support more UK projects, and can look forward to further opportunities including the potential for export."

When Bladt's UK facility begins the transition pieces' manufacturing, it is expected to create about 200 jobs. Previously Bladt worked with Dong Energy on its Burbo Bank Extension, for which it supplied 16 transition pieces.


Image: Bladt to supply transition pieces for Dong Energy’s Hornsea Project One in the UK. Photo: Courtesy of Bladt Industries A/S.