Bivar, Inc. (Bivar) has introduced new energy efficient ORCA series of Super Flux LEDs. The new ORCA product family is an extension of its high power LEDs designed for use on standard printed circuit boards (PCBs). The new ORCA series of Super Flux LEDs offers improved luminous intensity with higher current capability and better power efficiency. The ORCA family is available in the standard colors of red, green, blue, yellow, and white and also includes three bi-color combinations and RGB.

The new ORCA series swaps the Bivar MAKO product family and improves its capabilities with greater luminous intensity, higher power efficiency and additional lens configurations while maintaining its industry standard 7.6 mm square package form factor.

Bivar began offering high power LEDs in a 7.6 mm square package form factor in 2002, said Mike Finn, Bivar vice president of sales and marketing. With the ORCA product family we have addressed an expressed need from our customers to maintain our standard form factor but add additional colors and lens options based on higher efficiency LEDs. We’re pleased to offer our customers the new and enhanced ORCA series of super flux LEDs.

The red and yellow ORCAs are compatible with SAE and ECE color requirements making them ideal for automotive applications.

ORCA series lens geometries consist of dome, oval and flat to provide viewing angles of 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 80 degrees and wide 160 degrees. The operational life of the ORCA series is up to 100,000 hours when operated within specified limits. The 7.6 mm package is designed to withstand high levels of shock and vibration that would otherwise damage traditional LED packages and filament-based light sources. Like all Bivar LEDs, the ORCA series of Super Flux LEDs is fully RoHS compliant.

The ORCA product family comes with the following features:

Higher luminous intensity and current capability

Improved power efficiency

Four viewing angles from 30 degrees to 160 degrees

Wide range of colors including bi-color and RGB

Compatible with SAE and ECE color requirements

Large lead frame allows better heat dissipation

Rugged four leaded 7.6 mm industry standard square package

The ORCA super flux LEDs are designed for applications in the automotive industry, LED signage and signals, industrial illumination, and the decorative and specialty markets.