The 60MW Birkapili hydro power plant, located on the Dagpazari river in southern Turkey is now operating with a rated gross head of 1010m, supplying electricity to the country’s national grid and local private consumers.

GE Energy of Norway was awarded a contract worth US$7.7M for work on the project including the supply of a single vertical Pelton hydro turbine, a 67MVA vertical synchronous generator, main inlet valve, governing system, cooling water and drainage system and a 3.6km penstock.

GE teamed up with ABB’s Norwegian branch for the supply of switchyard, transformers, station controls and 25km of 154kV overhead line.

The facility is owned and operated by ERE Hidroelektrik, a local company based in Ankara.

GE is also to carry out the upgrade of two Kaplan turbines at Finland’s Kaltimo 1 and 2 power plants, that will see the output of each increased from 16MW to 20MW. Turbine efficiency at the UPM-owned facilities is also to be increased from 92-94%. The turbines are to re-enter commercial operation at the end of 2005 and 2006.