The JV partners will equally share the capital costs as well as the profits generated from operations of the C$2.4m ($2.3m) plant.

The proposed plant will apply BioteQ’s ChemSulphide process technology, and will selectively recover dissolved copper from mine drainage.

Designed for the treatment of nearly 17,000m³ of water every day, the new plant is expected to recover about 930,000lb of copper concentrate per annum. The recovered copper will be sold to JCC’s refinery at market prices.

At the time of the execution of the plant, BioteQ will offer engineering design resources, work with JCC to obtain key process equipment and provide commissioning support services. JCC will handle permitting and management of the site construction.

Staff at the existing JV will offer commissioning and operating services.

Slated to be completed in Q2 2014, the Yinshan ChemSulphide copper recovery plant is expected to provide incremental recurring revenues of $2.4m-$2.8m per year to the JV, of which 50% will accrue to BioteQ.

The revenue generation of the plant is subject to market prices of copper, the amount of dissolved copper in the water and annual precipitation levels.